Visit to Bijelo Polje and Berane

On March 10, we held a meeting with the Management of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje in the Municipal building.

The reason for the meeting was the topic of improving the housing conditions of Roma in Bijelo Polje, with a special emphasis on the settlement of Rakonje, where the extension  of the main road is underway.

We discussed obstacles and proposals for a long-term solution to the issue that significantly burdens the Roma community, but also the leadership of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje.

11 BIJELO POLJE POSJETADuring the meeting, we were informed  with all the activities that the Municipality has undertaken in the past period, which gives us the right to announce that this issue is being treated very seriously.

Our impression is that there is a will and sincere intention from the Municipality to solve the Roma housing issue in the long run. It remains for us to contribute in that process through dialogue, patience, understanding and animation of other possible collaborators and partners in this process.

On the same day, I visited the primary school in Berane "Radomir Mitrović" where 140 children from the RE community attend.

11 BERANE POSJETAI spoke with the director and associates of  Roma  children in education about the needs of the Roma community, and at the same time equipping the office space  for the work of associates Sultan Beća and Petrit Amurllahu.

With a good network of associates that we definitely have in Berane, small victories and progress of the Roma community are guaranteed.



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