Vouchers for Roma high school students in Bar to buy clothes, shoes or textbooks

NGO Young Roma, through ROMACTED programme implemented by Council of Europe and our organization, funded by European Commission and Council of Europe supported Roma high schools students in Bar.



In order to remedy the consequences of the COVID-19 and to support Roma families, vouchers in value of 100 Euros each were allocated for the purchase of clothes / shoes or textbooks for twelve students. The total value of this donation was 1,200 euros without VAT.

Eleven students (10 high school students) decided to buy clothes and shoes provided in the CAKAN sport boutique in Bar, while one high school student bought textbooks and school supplies.

Last month, our organization, with the support of the ROMACTED programme at the Elementary School Blazo Jokov Orlandic, officially opened an office for associates in social inclusion of Roma students in education.

The Council of Europe and the NGO Young Roma, in cooperation with the Municipality of Bar and other relevant actors, initiated and created a Local Action Plan for the Integration of Roma and Egyptians for the period 2019-2023, which was adopted.

The ROMACTED programme is funded by the Council of Europe and the European Union, while the NGO Young Roma is a partner organization in implementation. The Programme is implemented in seven countries of the Western Balkans and Turkey, in a total of 64 municipalities, in Montenegro this programme is implemented in 8 municipalities.



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