Ekonomsko osnazivanjeThe conference 'Economic Empowerment of Roma' gathered more than 70 representatives of governments, international and civil society organisations. This was the last Decade conference under the Montenegrin presidency. 

The structure of the conference was divided into seven panel discussions. Conference participants discussed best practices and programs, empowerment and employment opportunities for young Roma, local projects and other issues of importance for the integration of Roma. Participants represented numerous national and international projects, offered an overview of the labour market and barriers to the employment of Roma and discussed the future perspective in improving the status of this population.

The main conclusion is that governments have not been able to effectively address discrimination in this area, and that the more effective measures and institutions are needed to alleviate the existing problems. According to representatives of the Secretariat of the Decade, short-term projects have proved costly and unsustainable, it is therefore necessary to implement a long-term activities and programs that would contribute to building trust and achieving sustainable results.

Please find the minutes from the conference.

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