Erdjan Berisa: hip-hopper wearing a football jersey

Numerous personalities have left their mark with their work and results, despite life, material and other obstacles, and thus confirmed one great truth - It does not matter where you start, but where you end up.

Erdjan Berisa, a 16-year-old who lives in an eight-member family in Berane, in more than modest conditions, is a boy with a clear vision of the future.


He is older than his school friends because due to certain life circumstances, he started school at the age of nine. However, that did not bother him. Persistent, reasonable, honest, in harmonious relations with everyone, he is an example that many should follow. There are many extraordinary abilities in this young man, which we, his teachers, were not aware of until we got to know him better. He successfully finished elementary school, and he was interested in other things as well. The performances at the school, in which he participated with his dance group, were enough for us all to become aware of his enormous talent. Determined and skilful, he became successful. Perhaps his greatest success so far is his first place in hip-hop at the International Dance Competition in Niksic, 2018. For him and his dance group, a nice experience was the performance with the dance group Duga and the video that was recorded. Everything he does, he does with great enthusiasm and energy with which he captivates.

One of his big dreams is to one day become a football player. That is why he does not miss trainings, and his coach says that he is talented. He won trophies for his school at school tournaments with his friends.


In his free time he plays billiards.

Erdjan stands firmly on the ground. He is aware that only a few succeed in sports and dance, so he enrolled in the Secondary Vocational School in Berane, majoring in electrical installation. Of course, by doing that job, he will be able to provide a secure existence for his family and himself.

With all these talents, a positive attitude towards school, peers, family and himself, this young man has a real chance to succeed in life.

The text was written by Katarina Bulatović, a teacher at the elementary school Radomir Mitrović in Berane, who provided mentoring support to the student

In the 2019/20 school year, the student was a beneficiary of the mentoring program implemented within the project Improving primary education - first step towards quality secondary education, funded by the Roma Education Fund


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