Training for teachers-mentors

Our organization, in cooperation with the organization “Pedagogical Centre of Montenegro” organized a training for teachers-mentors of Roma and Egyptian pupils in elementary school.

Training was held in the period 21-22 February 2020, in hotel Palas in Petrovac.

The lecturers at the training were: Biljana Maslovarić, PhD and Marijana Blečić, MA.

The training was organized according to the program “Learning Communities”, accredited by the Bureau for Education. What is the idea of such training is that schools are actually learning communities. In addition, the importance of cooperation between the school and the local community is emphasized.

During two days of training, the mentors discussed with the lecturers the following topics:

-          Stereotypes and prejudices when it comes to the members of RE community, as well as their education

-          Features of an efficient school

-          Challenges in the operation of school systems

-          A new education paradigm, comprising: a) inclusive education and the right of every child to quality education and b) democratization

The topics also covered:

-          The importance of the role of teacher/mentor in the education of children

-          Pedagogical and methodical activities; teachers' pedagogical capacities

-          Methods of working in the classroom with children (the importance of a positive and stimulating atmosphere in the classroom, the use of humor, giving space for each child to express themselves)

-          Ways to engage children from the RE community in teaching

The mentors shared examples of good practice and their experience in working with children from RE population.

The training was attended by a total of 29 mentors from different schools and towns in Montenegro, where the project is being implemented. This training gathered representatives of 14 elementary schools from 9 municipalities in Montenegro.


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