The first parent meeting in new academic year

Roditeljski 01-09Young Roma's office in Herceg Novi organised the first parent meeting to mark the beginning of a new school year and the continuation of the "Through education to integration" project. The meeting was attended by Sanja Knezevic, Project Coordinator, Senka Domović Bulut and Emrah Jefkaj (project assistants) and 15 parents whose children will attend additional classes.

The meeting had purpose to inform parents about the new space in which the teaching will be carried out, as well as the rules for using the same. During the meeting, project staff confirmed the number of children who will attend additional classes and discussed their educational level from last year, received information from parents about the children's regular school shifts, determined the number of children who need bus tickets. At the end of the meeting, parents were left space for giving suggestions, proposals, and pointing to parts of the program that could be improved.

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