NGO Young Roma organized a meeting with the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Alseksa Becic - Better cooperation with Parliament is expected

Director of the NGO Young Roma, Samir Jaha, and representatives of the Roma community - Sultan Beca, president of the NGO Association for Support of Roma and Egyptians, Almedina Jasaraj – Student of Economics  and entrepreneur, met with the President of the Parliament of Montenegro Aleksa Becic, on Monday, December 14.

Jaha reminded the President of the Parliament of the fifteen-year activities of the organization, initiatives, projects and steps taken in the past period, as well as the areas to be paid attention to, and the improvement of the position of the Roma-Egyptian community in Montenegro. On that occasion, the President was awarded with the Roma flag, as well as delivered the Poznan Declaration adopted on July 5, 2019.

11 Sastanak sa Becicem

We reminded that Montenegro has signed the Poznan Declaration of the Partners from the Western Balkans on Roma integration in the EU enlargement process, which implies measurable goals to be achieved and should be included in the existing and future strategic framework. Its implementation requires dynamic action of the competent authorities, as well as appropriate budget funds.  The declaration was a follow up by a Roma seminar organized by the European Commission and the Government of Montenegro on Roma and Egyptian issues Inclusive Society held in June 2018. The seminar adopted important operational conclusions regarding priority areas - education, employment, housing, health and personal documents.

Operational conclusions were also handed to the President of the Assembly and it was proposed to organize a parliamentary hearing in the coming period in order to summarize the results so far and propose new plans from the relevant ministries.

Young Roma delegation representatives presented Mr. Becic burning issues whit which Roma and Egyptian community in Montenegro are dealing with, and steps that need to be undertake in solving those issues.

President of the Assembly pointed out the importance of continued work on further strengthening of multiethnic and multicultural character of Montenegro, and he said that Parliament is willing to contribute in combating all forms of discrimination and working to strengthen civil society through available mechanisms. The participants in the meeting agreed that the achievement of full equality and integration of Roma should be a priority in the work of all relevant institutions of the system.

At the meeting, it was also concluded, that there is significant space for improving cooperation with the Parliament of Montenegro and the competent parliamentary working bodies.

Podgorica, 14 December 2020

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